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Amazing Features


Enjoy the opportunity of explaining your service through a text of up to 4000 words per message.


Video messaging is the best choice for promoting your business. You only have to choose a clip and share it with thousand of potential customers.


An image is worth a thousand words. A text may be ignored, but not an image. A good picture attracts customers more than anything else.


You can even send recorded audio messages to thousands of people in a few clicks. Let your business do the talking for you.


Share your business card in a digital format to make it easy for your customers to register your number on their mobile phones. Sharing your business's information has never been this easy.


You can share any GPS location with your clients so they can easily reach you. You can even insert a clickable link of your site or Facebook page on the GPS's location tag.

Whatsapp Mass Texting Service

Whatsapp Mass Messenger Software

A professional high-performance Mass Messenger Software Package for targeted Whatsapp marketing campaigns and lists building at your desktop.

Customize your message, promote offers, send reminders, bag new clients, and more! Strategize powerful marketing messages through Whatsapp.

You can use our mass texting service on Whatsapp to promote:
- Product Launches
- Music concerts
- Periodic live shows in your club/bar/restaurant
- Real Estate listing open houses
- Coupons codes/ Discounts
- App download links & more

- Send all media: videos, text, images, maps (location), and audio
- Include a VCard with your website URL or phone number to receive call backs
- Open multiple instances of the software (up to 10 per computer)
- Inbox for organizing received messages and responding to them
- More messages per channel send than any other comparable software
- Set profile picture and status of every channel used in your campaign with one click
- Save campaigns and load them at a later time
- Check sent log of messages and failed channels log
- Blacklist numbers who don’t wish to receive messages.

mass texting service bulk messaging app

Whatsapp Filter And Tracking

The Contacts Filter software can filter Whatsapp contacts from a list of mobile numbers. Let’s say you have a million numbers and don’t know which of them have Whatsapp. This application will do that for you. There is no limit to filter quantities and it is very fast - filtering 1500 contacts in about 3-5 seconds.

Let’s say you don’t have a list and you need Whatsapp numbers from your country or a particular city/region within that country. Then you can ask the software to create 40 thousand variations of a mobile number you provide to it and filter those that have Whatsapp. Learn more information about your contacts lists by optionally displaying their Whatsapp status and ´last seen´. Then export the list of numbers to a txt file to easily build and manage your own geographically targeted user database.

- Filters numbers registered with Whatsapp from a list of mobile numbers
- Imports list of mobile numbers from a csv or txt file
- Checks 30k - 40k cell numbers per run using only 1 channel
- Channel gets depleted only after more than 500,000 numbers are checked
- Generates lists with specific mobile number area codes
- Exports list of filtered numbers to a txt file
- Checks “Last seen” status of Whatsapp contacts
- Displays profile image of Whatsapp contacts

mass text service how to send mass text

Whatsapp Channels - Active Numbers

Channels are active mobile phone numbers registered with Whatsapp. Every time a number is registered with Whatsapp, a password is generated on their server and linked to that number. The combination of number and hash password is called a channel. We recommend sending up to 9 messages a day per channel, to avoid being blocked.

- Channels are made with mobile numbers and recovery passwords
- Channels may be created with virtual numbers or real SIM cards
- Channels are required to send your messages to your contacts
- These channels are password protected and secure from tracking
- If its hash is switched, it can be recovered with the provided recovery password

bulk text messaging service

Fun Facts

What We Have Reached

Messages Sent
Contacts Filtered
Channels Delivered
Campaigns Done

Pricing Table


$250Whatsapp Filter And Tracking

  • CHECKS Numbers
  • FILTERS Whatsapp numbers
  • IDENTIFIES and Export
  • CHECKS "Last seen"

Value For Money

$350Whatsapp Channels

  • 1000 Channel package
  • Real SIM card numbers
  • Password Protected
  • Unlimited use
  • $0.35 per channel/unit



  • FILTERS Whatsapp numbers + IDENTIFIES and Export
  • CHECKS "Last seen" and logs
  • SEND all media + MULTIPLE instances
  • RECEIVE messages
  • AUTO responding + SET profile picture
$ 640
  • 2000 Channel package
  • Real SIM card numbers
  • Password Protected
  • Unlimited use
  • $0.32 per channel/unit
$ 900
  • 3000 Channel package
  • Real SIM card numbers
  • Password Protected
  • Unlimited use
  • $0.30 per channel/unit
$ 1400
  • 5000 Channel package
  • Real SIM card numbers
  • Password Protected
  • Unlimited use
  • $0.28 per channel/unit
$ 2600
  • 10,000 Channel package
  • Real SIM card numbers
  • Password Protected
  • Unlimited use
  • $0.26 per channel/unit

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Mission Statement

Whatsapp Mass Messenger

We have been around long enough to realize just how critically important it is for any business to communicate its messages and new offerings to existing and prospective customers. By way of our Whatsapp Mass Messenger specialized marketing software, we quickly connect the user with their customers thereby allowing them to tell of special offers, gifts, new products, special events and any other message that matters. Our mission is to provide a method by which businesses can generate engagement among customers to not only serve them more efficiently, but also to forge a stronger long term relationship. We fully understand that the quality of our products is the cornerstone of our reputation and we embrace the many challenges and opportunities that will lend to our legacy. Visit our Whatsapp Blog to learn more about

Mass Texting Service & Software


You must have Windows 7 OS or above. An active internet connection is needed and cable internet is preferred over WIFI for it being more reliable. This is executable software, so there is no need for a VPN or Web Server.

Speed settings are available in the software's interface and thus the number of messages sent per unit of time may vary. Whatsapp Mass Messenger sends up to 20,000+ messages per hour. Your connection speed directly affects the speed at which the software sends the messages. The recommended upload speed for good performance is at least 4 MB/s.

We recommend that you deactivate firewalls and antivirus software to optimize its performance. You may also choose to deactivate these security features only for our software to avoid having to do it for the whole other programs in your computer.

It is not possible to avoid numbers from getting blocked eventually. The life time of each channel is roughly on average 200 - 350 messages depending greatly on the quality of your channels. To extend the life of each channels it's advised to send 8-9 messages per channel every 24 hours. Additionally, it is recommended to change channels after every two messages are sent. This is easily to customize in the software panel.

In turbo mode, the software will try to push as many messages as possible through the Whatsapp API so the channels will be blocked immediately after the messages are sent. On the positive side the number of messages sent per channel in average will increase. Messages per channel in this mode may reach 500+ messages. This may reduce costs and time of your campaigns significantly almost immediately.

40,000 at once and there is no daily limit.
You can filter millions of numbers daily, but in any given moment you can only filter between 30,000 and 40,000. It takes only 2-5 minutes to filter 40,000 numbers.

1 installation license = 1 computer.
Both Contact Filters and Whatsapp Mass Messenger applications require a valid license to work properly. Therefore, with one license you can install them in one computer. If you want to install them on multiple computers, you will need multiple licenses. It is possible to open Whatsapp Mass Messenger 10 times in the same computer and run parallel campaigns from the same computer successfully.

A channel is just a mobile number that has been registered with Whatsapp and thus is fit to be used for sending Whatsapp messages. Channels can be created using virtual numbers or real SIM card numbers. Channels registered with real SIM cards tend to be more expensive and send a greater number of messages.
The number of messages sent per channel also depends on the software you're using for sending your messages. Our software is coded for sending the most messages per channel through the Whatsapp API in the least possible time.

Yes, we can provide it. We may provide a list of 1.5 million numbers according to the regions you choose. The list may belong to up to 10 different cities from the same or different countries. The list will be composed of mobile numbers registered with Whatsapp only (Active numbers).
We may also provide larger contacts lists upon request. You may contact us with your specific requirements.

Each channel sends a different number of messages but ON AVERAGE 150+ messages per channel for channels made with virtual numbers and 250 to 300+ messages per channel for channels made with SIM cards.
Each channel can send up to 500+ messages but some channels outperform the average and others underpeform, and this is the way sending mas messages usually works.

Here are some important advantages to have in mind:
Whatsapp is the most important mobile social network in the world so your users can share your Whatsapp messages with their mobile phone contacts, making your content widely distributed.
You can send text of up to 5000 characters against 160 charactes for SMS. You can also send maps users can interact with and retain in their phones, indicating the location of your buisiness or event.
The software is easy to use so you can have someone send the messages for you by learning how to use it through our video tutorials for example.
Whatsapp also has a lower cost per message sent so your campaigns are cheaper overall.


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